Russia: a war for survival has begun between security forces and army – analyst

Recent events in Russia show that the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin is in a tough situation. He’s losing control. There are multiple arrests of the military reported in Moscow. 

This was stated by Valeriy Klochok, a Ukrainian political expert and head of the Center for Public Analysis “Vezha”, in an interview with Channel 24. There is a war for survival between the security forces (FSB) and the Russian troops, – the analyst noted.

This uncertainty has been sparked by military defeats in the war against Ukraine. Russian military commanders do not believe anymore in the success of their “special military operation”. 

Tensions between Russian army and FSB mount

Mr Klochok added that at first glance it is invisible – this situation in Russia is rarely mentioned in the news and rarely discussed.

“However, it is against this background that Putin has changed. The situation is getting out of his control. It was not by chance that he decided to remove Shoigu from his post, although there was no formal decree yet. However, he does not command Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine now,” Klochok noted.

The analyst added that the situation in Moscow is controlled by Russian security forces – the FSB, the Investigative Committee of Russia, and Putin’s 18,000-strong army of bodyguards.

Earlier, advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vadym Denysenko stated that Putin could not dismiss Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov because he is afraid that the FSB agents will completely seize power.

Why does Russia openly admit that it hits critical infrastructure in Ukraine?

This week, the Russian invaders have again launched a massive missile strike on critical infrastructure in the peaceful cities of Ukraine. Russia is no longer even hiding this fact, although before that they assured that they were targeting only military targets.

Thus, the Russians have found a tactic that will now help them out of all the failures on the frontlines. 

First, the Russians invaders were forced to flee from Izyum and their front collapsed there, and it created many questions for Putin. Then they were defeated in Lyman. And they lost the Crimean bridge.

After that, Russians bombed the entire Ukraine, Kyiv, Lviv, the Kharkiv region, hiting energy infrastructure. Poltava and Dnipro were also deprived of electricity supply. In this way they showed to the local audience a form of revenge and eased the tensions locally.

All defeats at the front were forgotten. To take revenge, Russians now want Ukrainians to have no gas, electricity and heat. The Kremlin understand these sentiments and began to bomb the infrastructure of Ukraine with missiles.

Putin has realized that this tactic brings more approval for him among the Russian population compared to ground military operations that often fail.


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