Russia bombed Ukrainian capital using kamikadze drones, killing four people

In the second significant wave of airstrikes in 8 days, Russia launched massive drone attacks on Ukrainian cities. Russian bombardments killed at least 4 people in an apartment building in the heart of Kyiv during the rush hour in the morning.

Source: Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko, Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office, SES spokesperson Svitlana Vodolaga.

Following explosions that shook central Kyiv, the Ukrainian military fired into the air in an effort to take down the drones. Explosions occurred, an anti-aircraft rocket could be seen flying into the sky, Reuters reported.

Four civilians killed in Kyiv by Russian drones

Four persons were killed in an attack on a residential building in Kyiv, according to a representative of Ukraine’s presidential administration. Denys Monastyrskyi, the interior minister for Ukraine, said there had been deaths in other places but he could not provide an exact number.

The Ukrainian government said that the attacks were carried out by “kamikaze drones” produced in Iran, which fly into their set target before exploding.

Iranian kamikaze drones

The attacks happened precisely one week after Russia bombarded Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities with its most intense aircraft bombardment since its invasion on February 24, also in the morning.

The Ukrainian military claimed to have shot down 85% of Russian drones used in attacks since Sunday.

Following the drone assaults, Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak suggested that Russia be excluded from the Group of 20 major economies and other international organizations.

Volker Turk of Austria, the new UN human rights chief stated that Russian drone assaults on civilians must end.

Iran denied providing the deadly drones to Moscow once more on Monday. The Russian regime has made no remarks.

At the meeting in Luxembourg, foreign ministers from the European Union advocated for news sanctions against Iran in the event that Tehran’s involvement in Russia’s conflict with Ukraine is established.

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