Russia evade sanctions by purchasing German products through CIS nations

According to a May 8 article in the German tabloid Bild, which cited official German figures, Moscow has continued to import German goods despite the ten rounds of EU sanctions that have restricted commerce with Russia.

According to Bild, exports of several commodities from Germany to CIS nations have at least doubled, since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

This assertion is supported by data from the Federal Statistical Office of Germany. The EU’s special envoy on sanctions, David O’Sullivan, has also highlighted that Germany is supplying the CIS nations with more and more commodities.

In 2022, the number of German commodities exported to Tajikistan rose by 150%, to Belarus by 77%, and to Kyrgyzstan by an astounding 994%.

The German Eastern Business Association reports that in 2022, exports of automobiles and auto parts from Germany to Kazakhstan climbed by 507% and those to Armenia by 761%.

Kazakhstan received 129% more chemical exports, while Armenia received 110% more. Armenia had a 344% rise in electrical equipment exports, and Uzbekistan received a 105% increase.

Clothing imports rose by 88% while metal exports to Kazakhstan soared by 137%.

The German government thinks that these commodities may eventually be delivered to Russia while still avoiding the effects of the current restrictions through “parallel imports.”

According to recent media reports, fresh sanctions against Russia are being planned by the United States, Europe, and other important allies of Ukraine to put more pressure on its economy.

Photo by Pixabay

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