Russia is the one who brought the war to its soil

According to Roman Rukomeda, the process of internal military resistance in various Russian regions is just getting started, and the West needs to be prepared to deal with Russia’s disintegration.

 Russia has brought violence and armed resistance to its territory

To liberate Russian territory from Putin’s terrorist dictatorship, as the RVC’s representative asserts, the Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC), a Russian nationalist paramilitary group located in Ukraine, recently began conducting operations inside Russia.

The world saw how vulnerable Putin’s Russia is right now when a tiny force of RVC troops managed to infiltrate the Russian region of Belgorod, which borders Ukraine.

All of Putin’s troops were sent to Ukraine, leaving his people defenseless. Moscow’s access route is clear. It makes sense that those Russians who decided to use their weapons and the military training they received in Ukraine to liberate their nation from Putin’s terrorist dictatorship are now returning home.

Internal military resistance is only being started in many Russian regions, as we are currently seeing. The first time, conflict has spread to Russian provinces bordering Ukraine, such as Belgorod and Kursk, where the Russian army has indiscriminately dropped bombs on civilians (like in Belgorod) or shot down their jets and helicopters.

The destabilization of Russia continues

RVC, whose members are already dispersed in many different Russian areas in small groups, has taken Russia by surprise. The scope of RVC’s future operations inside Russia will expand.

After that, Russian regional elites will start fighting for power as someone must fill the vacuum. The active PR promotion of Evgeniy Prigozhyn, the head of the Wagner PMC, demonstrates that the new fight for ultimate power has already begun in Russia. The NATO and EU countries may need to prepare to live with Russia in the process of its state deconstruction.

The widespread flight of Russian soldiers and Wagner mercenaries from the conflict zone and their migration to internal Russian territories, where they also seized their weapons, is another indication of the authorities’ lack of control. This is especially true of individuals who were recruited from jails for major crimes.

Belarus might develop into yet another source of unrest. Dictator Lukahsenko completely ceded his nation’s sovereignty to Putin’s Russia. By making declarations about placing Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, the Kremlin is currently employing Lukashenko to threaten the West and break nuclear non-proliferation treaties.

The world community has serious concerns about this, by the way. The violation of the nuclear non-proliferation principle will unavoidably set a poor precedent for other nations to follow. For example, Iran is one of many of them that are thinking about building nuclear arsenals to further its aggressive foreign policy objectives.

Thus, Russia’s deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus will add another severe global hazard. Moreover, circumstances are pushing Putin’s Russia to help Iran to create a nuclear bomb. That needs the utmost attention from the leading world actors.

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