Russia moves S-300 system and troops from Syria to Ukraine – NYT

Russia may have transferred more than a thousand troops and the S-300 air defense system from Syria to Ukraine, the New York Times has reported.

Russia has redeployed critical military equipment and troops from Syria. The American media write about this, referring to 3 high-ranking sources in the Middle East.

How Russian many troops were transferred from Syria

Officials gave journalists different estimates of how many Russian troops have been withdrawn from Syria. Two sources said it was 2 battalions or 1200 to 1600 soldiers. According to another source of the NYT, the number could be much higher. At the same time, all confirmed that the number of Russian combat units in Syria has been reduced.

It is noted that the redeployment of equipment and troops also affected Israel. After the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, the Russian military command pays much less attention to the group in Syria.

Officials noted that Russia has withdrawn the S-300 system from Syria. There is information that this system was moved to Ukraine, reducing Russia’s influence on Israel in Syria.

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