Russia plans to test nuclear missile “Satan-2”, which can reach UK in 6 minutes

Russia is preparing to test the Satan-2 nuclear missile again. Putin declared that he hopes that after this test the West will be forced to “think”. This was reported by the British Daily Express.

According to the British newspaper, this will be the second test of the Russian nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile, also known as RS-28 “Sarmat”.

Unique intercontinental nuclear missile

The first test of this nuclear missile took place back in April. Later, in late spring, former Roscosmos director Dmitry Rogozin said that almost 50 Satan-2 missiles were in mass production and would be supplied soon.

As Russian president Putin declared, this complex has the highest tactical and technical characteristics and can overcome all modern missile defense systems. Moreover, according to the newspaper, Putin claimed that there are no analogs to this missile in the world.

“This truly unique weapon will strengthen the combat capabilities of our armed forces, reliably ensure the security of Russia from external threats and give food for thought to those who, in the heat of furious aggressive rhetoric, are trying to threaten our country”, – he said.

It’s key to mention that in early 2022, the Kremlin announced that the Satan-2 missile would be delivered to the Russian nuclear forces this fall. Moreover, on September 21, Vladimir Putin again began to threaten the world with nuclear war if someone dares to endanger Russia’s existence. Then he stated that he was “not bluffing”.

However, delayed plans for a second missile test have sparked rumors of delays in its production as well.

Putin to hold the second nuclear exercise in a year

Earlier, Defense Express reported that Russia is going to hold its “Thunder” exercises for the second time in a year. The reason was allegedly the NATO nuclear deterrence exercise Steadfast Noon, which lasted from 17 to 30 October. The exercises of the Russian military will focus allegedly on testing intercontinental ballistic missiles, “although there is a high probability of launching cruise missiles at Ukraine”.

What Russian “Satan-2” is capable of

The Daily Express stressed that the RS-28 “Sarmat” ballistic missile, known as “Satan-II”, is capable of hitting the UK in less than three minutes, because its speed is up to Mach 15, that is, more than 18 thousand kilometers per hour. It is also capable of carrying 10 or more warheads.

Moreover, the publication stressed that earlier Russian politician Alexei Zhuravlev said that Satan-II could hit the UK in 200 seconds. And this is provided that it is fired from the European province of Russia, Kaliningrad. Therefore, he threatened the West and demanded to be more polite with Russia.


Russia’s latest nuclear threats

Experts suggest that Russia is unlikely to use nuclear weapons now because it is a tool of last resort. However, despite this, nuclear threats from the aggressor country, which continues conducting its war against Ukraine, should be taken very seriously.

NATO also commented on such threats spread by the Kremlin. Jens Stoltenberg also believes that despite the low probability, Russia’s threats should not be taken seriously, because if Moscow dares to “press the red button”, the consequences will be massive.

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