Ukraine frontline update: Russia-Ukraine war map for August 10

This war map overview highlights key events on the battlefield in Ukraine during August 5-10.


The Ukrainian Army struck two key road bridges along critical Russian routes connecting occupied Crimea and captured areas in the Kherson region. Ukrainian forces launched Storm Shadow missiles at a road bridge across the Henichesk Strait to the Arabat Spit. At the same time, the Chongar, linking Crimea to Melitopol, was hit for a second time. Ukrainian forces are methodically cutting off the supply routes of the Russian troops in the south. It’s part of the campaign focused on setting conditions for future decisive counteroffensive operations.


Ukrainian special forces have conducted a raid across the Dnipro River with seven boats and landed on the east bank near the settlement of Kozachi Laheri. They broke through Russian defensive lines and advanced up to 800 metres deep. Ukrainians used a tactical surprise to destroy the Russian command post but retreated later.


Ukrainian military conducted new offensives on the second line of Russian defence near Robotyne. They managed to seize the northern outskirts of the settlement but, after Russian attacks, had to retreat, according to various mil bloggers.


After the Ukrainian Army liberated Staromayorske, Russian troops attempted to restore lost positions in the village, but Ukrainians repelled their attacks. After that, Ukrainian forces launched an offensive on neighbouring Urozhaine but didn’t manage to push Russia out of the settlement. 

The Ukrainian Army advanced near Vuhledar, launching a successful counteroffensive. They moved towards Mykilske and conducted attacks on Russian positions in the settlement.


Ukrainian forces conducted offensive operations near Bakhmut but did not claim an advance. There was fierce fighting near Klishchiyivka, Andriivka, and Kurdyumivka. All the fighting in this frontline section occurred on the previously defined lines.

Luhansk region

Russian forces conducted offensive operations along the Svatove-Kreminna line. But Ukraine’s defence forces repelled the attacks. Russian forces also attacked near Bilohorivka but didn’t achieve an advance. 

Russians launched another massive offensive against Kupyansk in the villages of Synkivka and Pershotravneve. But they failed. Instead, the Ukrainian Defense forces managed to destroy a Russian command post near Hrianykivka. Ukrainians advanced near Karmazynivka and pushed Russian invaders back to the Zherebets River.

Russian forces conducted offensive operations near Kupyansk. Ukrainians repelled Russians near Ivanivka, 20 km east of Kupyansk. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry claimed that the Russian troops had suffered heavy losses in the Kupyansk direction over the last week.

Russian forces conducted one of the largest missile and drone strike series on Ukraine in recent months on the night of August 5-6. Russians launched two waves of attacks with over 40 Kalibr and Kh-101 cruise missiles, Kinzhal missiles, and around 30 Shahed drones. One of Russia’s targets was the Starokostyantyniv airfield in the Khmelnytskyi region. Ukrainian air defences shot down almost all Russian missiles and drones. But in several attacks, there was damage and casualties. 

Ukraine Russia war: latest frontline events summary

Thanks to the courage of the Ukrainian military and Western weapons, the attacks of the Russian innvaders were repelled. However, there has been no significant progress in the Ukrainian counteroffensive, as Ukraine still lacks long-range missiles and air cover. The situation may change once the supply routes for Russian troops in the south are entirely cut off.

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