Russian agents planned to blow up trains with aid for Ukraine in Poland

In Poland, Russian agents planned to blow up trains carrying aid for Ukraine.

A network of Russian agents has recently been exposed in Poland, Gazeta Polska reports. As it turned out, they were planning sabotage on the railroad against trains travelling to Ukraine with weapons and humanitarian aid.

It’s reported that the group of Russian agents was created in early 2023. The exposed network is currently considered the largest of its kind in the modern history of Poland.

Plans of Russian agents in Poland

According to the investigation, the suspected members of the Russian spy network planned to blow up trains travelling to Ukraine with weapons and humanitarian aid. Therefore, the risk of direct execution of such attacks prompted the Polish special services to begin arrests.

An anonymous interlocutor familiar with the case file said to the media that for this reason, the first arrests were made at that time, not at any other time.

“The risk of attacks was too great to continue to monitor the group’s actions,” he said.

It is noted that the agent network was created in early 2023. Russian agents received direct instructions from Moscow and were paid for executing their tasks.

Arrest of Russian spies in Poland

In March 2023, in Poland, special services managed to expose and detain spies carrying out subversive activities in favour of Russia. The country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs told us more about the group’s work and its fate.

Polish Interior Minister Mariusz KamiƄski said that the special services detained 9 people. 6 of them have already received preventive measures, and investigative actions are underway against 3.

The spies used cameras to track and document the transit of weapons by rail and in the vicinity of Jasionka Airport in Rzeszow. That is, the detained agents were conducting intelligence activities for the Kremlin and even preparing sabotage.

The spies received money from Russia for their activities. This remuneration was systematic, and Polish law enforcement officers have relevant evidence.

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