Russian Church buys houses in Norway overlooking military bases – media

The Russian Orthodox Church reportedly bought real estate properties with a view of military bases in Norway, a local media Dagbladet reported.

In recent years, the Russian Orthodox Church bought several properties along the coast of Norway. The view from one of them was described by national security expert Alpha Sefland Winge as “uncomfortably good.” It’s particullary worrying knowing the reported ties of the Russian Church with Russian security services.

Photo: Shad Madian / Dagbladet.

Real estate of the Russian Orthodox Church next to military facilities

Yes, this property offers a full view of Norway’s most important port and naval base, Haakonsvern. In particular, there is a frigate gun, submarines, and MTB. The prayer house of the Russian Orthodox Church is located high on Ladshaft only 3 kilometers from it.

Moreover, the journalists of the publication claim that they visited the church and did not find anyone there. They described what they saw as follows: there were crosses, lamps, and other religious relics in the windows, and through the basement windows they could see a simple meeting room with white plastic tablecloths on the tables, books on the shelves, and children’s toys in the corner. However, on the first floor, all the windows were covered with thick curtains.

Another Russian Church’s property in Stavanger is located next to the NATO Joint Military Center in Jotto. This house is only a kilometer from an important military site and about a fifteen-minute walk.

Real estate properties of the Russian Orthodox Church in Norway

It is also known that the Russian Orthodox Church owns real estate in:

  • Karmoy,
  • Kleppe
  • Brune,
  • Finnmark,
  • Oslo

Norwegian security expert Alfa Sefland Vinge believes that Russian properties like the one in Haakonsvern could be a problem, as there are many ways to use buildings and facilities such as this house of worship. In particular, signals can be intercepted and listened to from such objects, drones can be controlled, and people can be placed to map the territory. In general, there is a wide range of activities that can be performed from such a base.

However, the expert does not want to draw premature conclusions and emphasizes that the church mainly conducts legal activities.

However, she does not understand the motivation behind moving the church, which used to be in the center of Bergen, closer to the military facilities. It is also worrying that the Russian Orthodox Church is close to Putin and supports the war in Ukraine.

However, the church in Bergen denies everything. Her father, Dmitriy Ostanin, declared that he is a Ukrainian and curses the war that Russia has unleashed against Ukraine. Moreover, according to him, he does everything to help Ukrainians in every possible way. The congregation in Stavanger denies owning real estate on Jotto or Kleppe.

Russian Church and its support of the Kremlin

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Kirill, clearly expresses his support for the war in Ukraine. Moreover, he believes that death in the war against Ukraine “washes away all sins.”

Also, the patriarch of the Russian Church called to join the army, because everyone will “resurrect” anyway.

That the priests of the Russian Orthodox Church preach the doctrine of the so-called “Russian world” at the behest of the Kremlin. Religious propagandists work for Russian state propaganda and call on their followers to join the ranks of the Russian uinvading troops.

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