Russian deadly missile attack destroyed a hospital in Dnipro

A Russian missile strike on a hospital in Dnipro killed at least two people and wounded 30 others.

Source: Head of Dnipro Regional Administration Serhiy Lysak on Telegram.

“The body of a dead man was taken out from under the rubble of the veterinary clinic building, which the enemy also destroyed. Today’s missile attack on Dnipro claimed the lives of two people”, the statement reads.

The first victim is a 69-year-old man. According to Lysak, he was passing by when the missile hit the city.

The State Emergency Service reported that the missile strike resulted in the partial destruction of a three-story medical facility building in the city, followed by a fire in a nearby building.

The fire in the hospital was extinguished over an area of 1000 square meters. In the one-story building of the veterinary clinic, the fire area amounted to 200 square meters. Rescue units have already eliminated it.

Rescuers confirmed that two people died at the scene, and 30 others were injured, including 2 children. The State Emergency Service has engaged 52 rescuers and 18 equipment units in the response.

The city’s mayor, Boris Filatov, said that the missile strike destroyed the psychiatric hospital. “A daytime missile strike destroyed a branch of one of the medical institutions that provided psychiatric care. There were no military targets nearby,” Filatov said.

There could have been more victims. A miracle saved people. At the time of the attack, the hospital was in the middle of a “shift change”. And just a few weeks ago, the displaced families from the east who temporarily lived on the hospital’s second floor had just moved out.

According to the Mayor, after Russian missile strikes and bombardments on May 26, more than a thousand windows were smashed in the city: in hospitals and nearby residential buildings, in schools and kindergartens, in the stadium building and children’s out-of-school establishments, in several infrastructure and commercial facilities; there is damage to roofs and communications.

Russia continues targeting Ukrainian cities far beyond the frontlines with deadly missile strikes. Bombardments hit civilian infrastructure and residential buildings. Observers say that with this terror tactic, Russia aims at forcing the Ukrainian government to territorial concessions and talks.

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