Russian FSB officer and Wagner mercenary seeking asylum in France

Vladimir Osechkin, director of the media project, declared that two members of the FSB and Wagner Mercenary have applied for political asylum in France. Osechkin claims that the two are currently providing testimony to help the global inquiry into Russia’s war crimes, The Insider reported.

According to Osechkin, their evidence describes the corruption schemes within the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia as well as the background of the creation of the Wagner Private Military Company as a «branch» of the GRU (Russia’s military intelligence service). He claims that numerous members of Russia’s secret services have already been permitted to leave the country and apply for asylum abroad in recent months. They are also going to testify.

“One individual has ties to [Yevgeny] Prigozhin’s team and headquarters, and the other is an FSB official. In accordance with [our] policies, both passengers boarded the same aircraft and submitted boarding permits. We therefore assumed that two different people had sent us the same ticket when we noticed nearly similar boarding cards with the same markings. However, when we examined closer, we discovered that one was sitting in the 28th row and the other was in the 29th. It seemed strange that they both simultaneously submitted applications for political asylum and international protection since each believed the other was out to get him. The scenario was exceptional, to put it mildly; the French police and airport security were also suspicious.

Each of them will now give a testimony regarding war crimes in the hopes that they will have the chance to assist the international inquiry and give evidence against Yevgeny Prigozhin and other members of the Putin regime. One of the testimony is the subject of a story on a prominent foreign TV network. I can say that they relate to the establishment of the Wagner PMC by the Russian Ministry of Defence and GRU, the establishment of a system for funding and supplying PMCs by the government, and the involvement of these covert organizations in subversive activities in eastern Ukraine, specifically in the Luhansk region.

The FSB officer has access to very critical inside knowledge about the document flow, including a lot of crucial material that will be released in stages. The documents discuss both the invasion of Ukraine and subsequent changes at the Ministry of Defense’s Counterintelligence Department.

I would want to point out that European nations, including France, are the only nations that offer political asylum and protection to people who are in danger and who risk not only their freedom but also their life and health. These people do not come to these nations to reveal their secrets. Members of Putin’s system who defect turn into adversaries of the system. We have a lot of examples of that. The case involving Sergey Skripal and the death of Alexander Litvinenko, among other things, has garnered the most attention.

A number of individuals who were closely associated with the Putin regime have recently left Russia, and the head of one of the courts has flown to an EU nation where he is giving fairly thorough and consistent testimony about how the FSB and the Putin administration subjugated the judges and absorbed the independent judicial system, turning the entire system into a branch that rubber-stamped decisions after receiving a phone call from its handlers.

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