Russian journalist Solovyov threatens Italy – Video

Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov again went on the air of Russia 1 about Russia’s “goals” of conquering new lands.

“And our goals are roughly such – the return of the native Russian lands. All lands. And for this purpose it is necessary to explain – what these lands are – to name territories, cities. And to solve this problem, we must say: we are announcing a call for volunteers. How many you need – 200 thousand, 300 thousand? How many tanks do you need – three thousand, five, ten? How many the industry will produce,” he said importantly.

“And our task – we don’t care what they want there and in what ear they are picking. And our task is to go out, for example, to the simple Russian town of Chop. Or to walk in the footsteps of the great Russian army of the 18th century, which marched through the then German lands, not yet united, in full force. And find out how the traditional centuries-old Russian city of Warsaw is doing. Well, if they want to be boorish, why not say what it will lead to? And the city of Yuryev should be taken, and Ivangorod, and much more,” – added Solovyov.

Vladimir Solovyov, a journalist for the Russian TV channel “Rossiya 1”, does not skimp on the Europeans, who apparently do not like the actions of the EU to support Ukraine in the conflict against his country. In particular, the journalist close to Putin, who owns four villas in Italy, criticizes Italy: “If we talk seriously, if we understand the stakes, then let the bastards shake. And there will be another crossing of the Alps, if necessary. To see how the monument to Suvorov is. And see if they remember in Milan how they kissed the hands of Russian soldiers. If you want to be rude, bastard, then you should know: Russian – he harnesses slowly, and then he rides quickly”, – profoundly concluded the propagandist.

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