Russian musicians who support Putin’s war will perform at a music festival in Mannheim

On May 19-20, 2023 Piligrim Rock Festival will be held in Mannheim, Germany, where only Russian bands BI-2, Splin, Surganova and Orchestra, Chaif, Mumiy Troll, Kipelov, and others will perform. 

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The festival was supposed to take place in the summer of 2022, but it was postponed citing “the current situation in the world.” At the same time, the participants of the event include musicians who support Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.

In particular, the leader of the Chaif group, Vladimir Shakhrin, blames Ukrainians for the war, supports the Russian invasion, and actively supports units of the Russian army.

The founder of the band Aria, Valery Kipelov, during his speech, responded to the Russian musician Yuriy Shevchuk, who condemned Russia’s war against Ukraine, expressed “support for the Motherland,” and declared that “victory will be ours.” He also performed for the Russian military in one of the hospitals.

Svetlana Surganova, the soloist of the Surganova and Orchestra group, Oleg Harkusha, the host of the festival, and the already mentioned Vladimir Shahrin starred in the propaganda clip “I’m staying,” which is a response to Russian artists who left the country due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The organizers write on the official website that it is unbearable to be held hostage by difficult circumstances and that nothing can justify the loss of life. They call for humanity and, at the same time, organize a performance by musicians who openly support Russia and the war against Ukraine.

Such concerts should be canceled throughout Europe because they pose a threat to the civilized world.

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