Russian provocateur at protests in Moldova – Video

Journalists covering an anti-government rally in Chisinau on 28 February found a Russian man among the protesters and talked to him on camera.

In Chisinau (Moldova), where pro-Russian rallies were held on Tuesday, 28 February, Russians “turned up” among the locals. Nord News TV channel filmed a story about it.

The journalists approached one of the participants in the anti-government rally in Romanian. They asked the man where he was from in Chisinau.

“I am not from here,” he replied.

The reporter decided to ask the same question in Romanian.

The young man replied that he did not understand what he was talking about. The following dialogue occurred between him and the journalists:

“I cannot understand your language, I apologize,” replied the young man.

“Yours, what is it?”.

“Well, Moldovan. We are in Moldova now, aren’t we?” – said the protester.

The journalist also asked him if he had learned Romanian at school, to which the 21-year-old man replied that he had come to Chisinau from the Russian Federation.

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