Russian shelling has shut down Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Plant in Ukraine

Due to the Russian invaders’ shelling on November 2, Zaporizhzhya NPP’s final two high-voltage communication lines with the Ukrainian power system were broken, rendering the plant fully de-energized. Energoatom, a Ukrainian NPP operator, has reported this.

The countdown has begun

The last two high-voltage communication lines connecting Zaporizhzhia NPP to the Ukrainian power grid were broken by Russian troops’ shelling on November 2, 2022, causing the plant to transition to full de-energization mode at 23:04 and turn on all 20 of its diesel generators.

The power supply plan for ZNPP’s needs is currently optimal, and 9 diesel generators are still running. The hot-state power plants 5 and 6 are changed to cold-state power plants.

For 15 days, diesel generator fuel is still available in ZNPP full blackout mode. However, the countdown has started.

Russia’s nuclear blackmail at ZNPP continues

Energoatom emphasized that the Ukrainian side’s ability to keep ZNPP in a safe mode is severely constrained as a result of the takeover of the plant and the interference of the Russian Rosatom personnel in its operations.

For the sake of the security of the entire world, we once again appeal to the international community to take immediate action to demilitarize ZNPP as soon as possible, remove all Russian military personnel from the plant’s premises and the city of Enerhodar, and place Zaporizhzhya NPP entirely under Ukrainian control.

While Ukrainians continue to work at the station and the enemy attempts to force individuals into working for Rosatom, the Russians have positioned military equipment on the roof of the ZNPP power unit.

IAEA negotiates a security zone around the plant

Earlier, the IAEA reported on alleged progress in negotiations on establishing a security zone around the plant. However, the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Rafael Grossi admitted that the probability of sending a UN peacekeeping mission to Zaporizhzhya NPP is minimal.

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