Russian submarine spotted off the coast of France

A Russian submarine was spotted off the French coast. It was approximately 100 kilometers away. This information was reported by the French Navy, BFTM TV reports. According to them, it is a Russian submarine “Novorossiysk”.

A Russian submarine close to France

In late September, the French Navy escorted a Russian submarine that was working on the surface about 100 kilometers off the French coast, the local media reported.

According to media reports, the Russian submarine:

  • sailed off the coast of the northwestern French region of Brittany in the Bay of Biscay;
  • was moving on the surface of the water;
  • was convoyed by the French Navy on September 29.

It is reported that the submarine was convoyed by the multi-purpose frigate “Normandy”. The submarine was accompanied by the tugboat “Sergei Balk”.

Later, the French Navy released a photo of the “Novorossiysk”, which was accompanied by the frigate “Normandy” and helicopter NH-90.

“It is unusual that the submarine was moving in a surface position, which in the context of the war between Russia and Ukraine is of particular importance”, – said the Atlantic Maritime Prefect and Commander of the Atlantic Maritime Zone Olivier Lebas.

Russia’s sea presence made the European armies in the region react. A patrol of the Spanish Navy was already closely monitoring the Russian vessel. The British Navy also monitored the submarine after it passed the Breton coast.

Thomas Vuong, the commander of the Normandie, explained that this is a “classic arrangement as the Bay of Biscay corresponds to France’s area of responsibility and we have to control the military activities that take place there”, the French officer told to Le Parisien.

He also said that the frigate had a hull sonar and a towed sonar to monitor the submarine. “The whole system is particularly effective in tracking the submarine when it is in our area of responsibility,” he added.

Photo: The Russian attack submarine “Novorossiysk” was followed very closely by the frigate Normandie based in Brest, on September 29 / French Navy

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