Russian war icons were waved at Prague anti-government demonstrations

The tens of thousands of protesters who gathered in Prague on Saturday to voice their opposition to war and poverty included some who attempted to tear down the Ukrainian flag that has been flying outside the National Museum for the past year.

Photo: Shutterstock/Matyas Rehak

Several protesters carried banners that read “STOP the war, STOP NATO” in addition to carrying Russian war icons.

“I anticipate the organizers will denounce these violent activities. We cannot tolerate such manifestations because it appears that the entire “demonstration against poverty” served as a front for pro-Russian provocations”, Rakuan told Czech Television on Sunday.

18 people participating in the attempt to destroy the Ukrainian flag at the museum were detained as a result of the protests, according to a Czech Police spokeswoman, who also stated that two police officers in charge of monitoring the museum’s entry were hurt.

A man who had the Z emblem on his backpack and clothing as well as a patch for the Russian Wagner group was also detained by police on suspicion of publicly denying, questioning, and condoning genocide.

The protest’s organizers also disclosed their intention to blockade government facilities on April 16. According to Rakuan, the authorities must secure the structures and be ready for such a situation.

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