Russian warplanes with hypersonic missiles on Belarusian airfield: satellite images

The Planet Labs company took satellite images of the airfield in Machulischi on October 18 and 31. Pictures show Russian military equipment located on the territory of the airfield. In particular, supersonic fighters and missile containers, according to Faktisk.

According to British intelligence, Russia has transferred some of its most powerful air defense weapons to Belarus.

Russians brought warplanes and missiles to the Belarusian air base in Machulischi

The Russians brought planes and missiles to the Belarusian air base in Machulischi

Fresh satellite images show three Russian MiG-31K aircraft. They are located on the territory of the Machulischi air base, south of Minsk. The pictures were taken on October 21 at 9:41 am. It is known that there are no such planes in the Belarus air force.

This military equipment can also be seen on the satellite image of the morning of October 18. Fighters can carry X-47M2 “Kinzhal” hypersonic aeroballistic missiles and are capable of launching them at a distance of 2,000 kilometers.

Russia brought “Kinzhal” missiles to Belarus – British intelligence

In addition, several missile containers can be seen, which were also mentioned by British intelligence in a report of November 1. Intelligence suggests that the containers may store “Kinzhal” missiles.

The photos also show 6 Mi-24 helicopters of the RB Air Force and 2 Mi-8 helicopters of the RB Air Force.Russia continues to use Belarus as a springboard for its attacks against Ukraine. Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Vadym Denysenko, noted that Russia has already used “Kinzhal” missiles against Ukraine, so they cannot rule out the possibility of launching new strikes, Channel 24 reports.

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