Russians detained in Norway on suspicion of espionage for flying a drone

Russian citizens are not only posing threats to Ukraine but also to other countries in Europe. A Russian man who launched a drone and could be a Kremlin spy has been detained in Norway.

On October 14, the Norwegian police detained a Russian man who launched a drone on the territory of the Scandinavian state. Probably, the man could be a Russian agent.

Detention of a Russian in Norway

A citizen of the terrorist state was arrested at the airport of the Arctic city of Tromsø. The security forces seized a large amount of equipment, which he used to photograph the area. In particular, a drone and several memory cards.

“Among the seized materials that we have reviewed, we have seen photos from Kirkenes airport and photos of the Bell helicopter of the defense forces”, Police Prosecutor Jacob Berg said to Reuters.

It is known that the man is 51 years old. The Russian admitted that he was flying the drone in Norway. The Russian also told the security services that he entered Norway through the northern border point of Sturskug on Thursday, October 13, and was heading to the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

The police demanded from the court to detain the Russian suspect for four weeks.

Norway strengthens security measures

According to Norwegian authorities, this is the second arrest of a Russian citizen who launched drones in a week. Another man was also detained at the Storskog border crossing.

In addition, Norway is raising the level of vigilance. Several observations show that drones are launched near oil and gas infrastructure. This can be linked to the explosion on September 26 at the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea.

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