Russians prepared 10.5 thousand Ukrainian kids for deportation to Russia

The Russian invaders’ administration in the temporarily occupied territory of Luhansk region reported that medical examinations were conducted for 15,000 children aged 2 to 17. “Sprotyv” (Resistance), an intelligence group within the Armed Forces of Ukraine, wrote it.

Doctors from Russia noted in the examination documents that 70% of these children “need special medical care.” This is the conclusion Russians use to cover the deportation of children to the territory of Russia. 

Russian invaders forcibly deport Ukrainian kids to Russia

First, the Ukrainian kids are placed in specialized healthcare facilities. For several far-fetched reasons, the return of children home is delayed to encourage parents to come to see their children. Then the families are banned from returning to the territory of Ukraine.

For example, in the center “Fairy-3” in Anapa, Krasnodar region, there are already more than 1500 people from the occupied territories of the Kherson region. Citizens of Ukraine are persuaded to apply for Russian passports and open accounts in Russian banks, allegedly for social assistance payments.

Also, Russians have brought six mobile medical units to the occupied territories of the Kherson region. These are specialized trucks equipped for mobile diagnostic rooms. The Russian invaders are trying to replace Ukrainians in the occupied territories with Russians as soon as possible.

Ukraine warns the residents of the occupied territories about the threat to kids

The Ukrainian government calls on the residents of the occupied territories not to allow Russian doctors to examine Ukrainian children in order not to become a victim of deportation. Save your children from the meanness of Russians, and if possible, leave the region. We will come back home after the liberation”, the statement says.

According to the official data of the Ukrainian government, Russia has abducted and deported more than 11 thousand Ukrainian children from Ukraine since the beginning of Moscow’s full-scale war against Ukraine.

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