Russia’s nuclear blackmail aims at forcing Ukraine into talks on Moscow’s terms

Russian authorities are now using nuclear blackmail to pressure Ukraine into negotiations on the Kremlin’s terms.

There is a considerable likelihood that the Russian Federation will conduct false-flag operations as long as Russia keeps up its nuclear blackmail. It was reported by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine’s Center for Countering Disinformation (NSDC).

The Kremlin may wish to utilize nuclear weapons, according to information that has recently been circulated by international media from unnamed sources.

At first, the Russian “submarine with nuclear warheads went on a test run,” according to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

The Times then reported that “Putin authorized the deployment of a nuclear military train to Ukraine.”

Several people are simultaneously posting videos on Twitter showing the impact Russia’s precise nuclear use will have on the front lines.

The Russian Federation put its nuclear troops on special combat duty even at the start of its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Another step of the Russian Federation’s information terrorism campaign to pressure Ukraine into negotiations on its conditions includes a public display of Russia’s willingness to launch a nuclear attack on Ukrainian territory at any time.

Image: La Repubblica

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