Russia’s nuclear threats: US General Hodges’ comments

Russians are unlikely to employ tactical nuclear weapons because they would not benefit from doing so, the US General Hodges said.

Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, a former head of the US Ground Forces in Europe, believes that if Russia uses tactical nuclear weapons, the US will be forced to retaliate since China, Iran, and North Korea are closely monitoring this. He made this statement on Espreso TV.

“The Russians possess a large number of tactical nuclear missiles. However, I continue to believe that the use of tactical nuclear weapons is unlikely because they offer no advantages, particularly on the battlefield. The Kremlin is likely aware of this. President Biden made it clear that the US would have to react if Russia used tactical nuclear weapons. The US will be forced to respond since China, Iran, and North Korea are all watching”, the general concluded.

Ben Hodges emphasized that while it is certain that it will be disastrous and that the Kremlin is aware of it, no one is certain whether there will be a nuclear reaction or whether it may involve a combination of conventional and unconventional measures.

“In my opinion, Putin’s allies are aware that they must prevent him from deploying nuclear weapons if they are to have any chance of a future after this conflict. It is well known that the Kremlin is experiencing significant issues. Putin’s war is also unpopular with the general public, although I’m not sure what actions these various groups see for themselves. Partial mobilization is the first sign of the Kremlin’s major differences about the best course of action at this time”, Hodges stated.

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