Scholz sharply responds to critics of arms supply to Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke at a pro-European rally of the ruling SPD party in the suburbs of Berlin.

Bild reported this. The event was attended by about 100 radical pro-Russian activists who shouted slogans against the provision of weapons to Ukraine and tried to boo Scholz.

They called the German Chancellor a “warmonger”. They demanded “Peace without weapons” and shouted: “Get out!”.

However, Scholz continued his speech and sharply responded to the pro-Russian activists.

“Putin is the instigator of the war; he invaded Ukraine with 200 thousand soldiers. Putin wants to destroy and conquer Ukraine,” he emphasized.

Scholz also said that the “screamers” who gathered at the rally should have called Putin the instigator “if you had any sense in your head.”

The Chancellor emphasized that he sees no alternative to supporting Ukraine, even with weapons, because of Russia’s aggressive war.

“Yes, it is necessary; if the country is attacked, it must, then it can defend itself,” he added.

According to him, Putin has killed many people, including children and the elderly, and emphasized that “peace and freedom are under threat because of this aggressive war.”

Then, the Prime Minister of Brandenburg, Dietmar Voedke, took the stage and called on the protesters to rally on Red Square in Moscow.

“Such a rally should be held on Red Square in front of the Kremlin. There you could rightfully ask Putin to give up his weapons immediately. But then you would get to know the Russia you love so much from a completely different perspective!” said Voigtke.

Earlier, Scholz promised Ukraine security guarantees after the war.

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