Shoigu accused the West of waging an undeclared war against Russia and Belarus

Russia brings “non-strategic” nuclear weapons to Belarus. Shoigu: “We are resisting the West’s war against us.”

Some Russian non-strategic nuclear weapons are being deployed in Belarus. This was stated by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, quoted by Interfax news agency. “An undeclared war led by Western countries has been unleashed against Moscow and Minsk,” Shoigu said. Therefore, the minister argued, the two countries were forced to take countermeasures. Shoigu points the finger at NATO: “Today we are resisting together with the collective West, which is conducting an essentially undeclared war against our countries. NATO’s military activity has acquired the most aggressive direction.” The Russian Defense Ministry made it clear that although the nuclear weapons are on Belarusian territory, the decision on whether to use them rests with Moscow.

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