Slovak carriers started a blockade on the border with Ukraine

On December 1, in the afternoon, Slovak carriers began the announced blockade of truck traffic at a checkpoint near Uzhhorod, on the Ukrainian border.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reported this.

“According to information from Slovak border guards, at 16:05, a blockade of truck traffic through the Vysne Nemecke checkpoint, adjacent to the Ukrainian checkpoint in Uzhhorod, began in Slovakia. The action, the timing of which is currently unknown, is being carried out by representatives of the Slovak Union of Carriers,” the report said.

The Slovak truck drivers promised not to block the transport of humanitarian aid, other important cargo, live animals, fuel, and refrigerated cargo.

The Slovak protesters will allow the rest of the cargo to pass through at a rate of four trucks per hour.

They promise not to block traffic entering Slovakia. The Slovak truckers also promise not to restrict the movement of cars and buses.

Earlier, the Association of Slovak Carriers announced an indefinite blockade of the checkpoint, starting on December 1, with the same demands as the Polish truck drivers—border blockers.

The blockade of Polish carriers has been going on since November 6, with its key demand being to restore the requirement for a permit to transport goods to the EU for Ukrainian carriers.

Currently, trucks with Ukrainian license plates are unable to move towards the Ukrainian border at the Wysne Nemecke-Uzhhorod checkpoint. As of the evening of December 1, there were 900 trucks in the queue.

The blockade of the Slovak border could cause problems in a few days when the queue of blocked trucks on the Ukrainian side grows critically long.

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