Slovakia Completes Delivery of 13 MiG-29 Fighter Jets to Ukraine

According to a report from Slovakia’s Ministry of Defense on Monday, all 13 fighter aircraft that the country’s government had previously decided to transfer to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to fend off the Russian invasion had already arrived in Ukraine.

Photo by Ministry of Defense of Slovakia

The Ukrainian Air Force received the first shipment of four fighter planes in March of this year. Ukrainian pilots were in charge when they took off from the air base.

The last nine Slovak MiG-29 fighter planes have finally been delivered to Ukraine.

The highest level of safety was guaranteed during the delivery of these boards by land.

“This transfer was carried out by land with the maximum possible security in mind, once again a huge gratitude to all the forces involved, because in such cases it is a really important and complex logistical operation,” emphasized the Minister of Defense of the Slovakia, Jaroslav Nad’.

The Minister underscores how important the MiG-29 is to Ukraine’s ability to defend itself from a full-scale Russian invasion and to safeguard lives.

As was previously reported, the transfer of 13 MiG-29 fighter aircraft to Ukraine was authorized by the government of Slovakia in March. In accordance with the defense aid, the fighter jets will be moved. The aircraft should assist the Ukrainian Air Force in taking over control of the airspace and intercepting hostile targets.

Last month, the nation delivered the first four fighter jets. The fighter jets were transported by Ukrainian pilots with support from the Slovak Air Force and Ukrainian soldiers.

The Slovakian Armed Forces stopped using MiG-29 fighter aircraft last year.

The Russian technicians who had been maintaining the Slovak Air Force’s MiG-29 fighter jets until recently, according to the country’s defense minister, may have purposely damaged the aircrafts.

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