Soldier for 3 days: a Russian, drafted after the end of mobilization, killed in Ukraine

A mobilized Buryat man, a resident of Ulan-Ude, was able to fight in the war in Ukraine only for three days. This case claims an absolute record for the speed of death among all mobilized Russians.

According to the sources of Channel 24 in the Ukrainian special services, the Buryat man was called up on November 1, the day after Putin announced the “end of the partial mobilization”. Believing the Russian president, he went to the military commissariat only “to check the personal data”.

The 39-year-old Buryat was put in a bus and together with other mobilized men was taken to the airfield.

It took him three days to get to Ukraine and get killed

The journey from the military commissariat to the front lines took only three days. First, he and other freshly-recruited Russian invaders flew to Belgorod, from where they were transported by car to Valuyki. There, the mobilized Russians were given uniforms and dispatched into several units.

The next day they were transferred to the Luhansk region by train. In the evening, the newly mobilized Russians were put in KamAZ trucks to go to Svatove, near the frontline. However, one of the trucks hit an anti-tank mine.

The mobilized men stayed in Ukraine with weapons for only a few hours. Out of 50 newly-recruited Russian soldiers, 33 were killed. 17 were wounded. They were taken to a hospital in Luhansk.

It was only in the hospital that the mobilized soldiers were able to contact their families and tell them about the incident and the inhuman treatment by their commanders. Before that, they did not have access to phones, “not to complain to anyone” and not to spoil the mood of Russian society.

Russians suffer losses in the battle for Svatove

The extremely fast elimination of the Buryat man, who died without even having time to inform his family about his mobilization, was shared with the Luhansk medics by his comrades in misfortune. Nevertheless, the command is in no hurry to inform their families about the death of the mobilized. They say, the bodies are far to be transported, and an additional wave of complaints about “letting them slaughter without preparation” will be provoked.

In the battle for Svatove, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are eliminating thousands of the Russian mobilized soldiers.

After all, the pressure of the Ukrainian military on the positions of the Russian invaders in the Luhansk region is only intensifying, and the Russian troops are trying to stop the Armed Forces and counterattack on the Svatove – Kreminna line.

However, the tactics of Russian generals to constantly throw unprepared soldiers as “cannon fodder” at Ukraine’s army positions have not yet led to any success. At the same time, the number of dead mobilized Russians is increasing.

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