Strategic loss for Russia: new Italian leaders reaffirm they stand with Ukraine

A key politician from the “Brothers of Italy” party Mr. Adolfo Urso, a member of the Italian parliament, visited Ukraine on September 9.

This visit is a significant geopolitical event, which will have an immediate impact on how European politics unfolds.

In addition to being a notable politician, a senator, and a deputy in five sessions of the Italian Parliament, Mr. Adolfo Urso is the President of the Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic (COPASIR) and one of the leading members of the party Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d’Italia).

He is also considered a close friend of Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the national-conservative political party Brothers of Italy. She is anticipated to win the upcoming Italian elections on September 25 and take office as Prime Minister.

Urso’s visit is a clear demonstration of Italy’s support for Ukraine

The results of this trip, which undoubtedly indicate Italy’s increased backing of Ukraine, while indeed being essential, might not be revealed to the public. However, the very fact that Georgia Meloni’s dependable ambassador was dispatched to Kyiv three weeks prior to the most important elections of her life sends a very strong and unambiguous message, showing the goals and policies of the upcoming Italian administration.

Washington is scheduled next for Mr.Urso

According to La Repubblica, Urso is going to Washington after Kyiv, right before the elections. The purpose of this trip may be to coordinate cooperative actions, strengthen personal bilateral relations at the highest level, and solidify the plans of the Italian and U.S. governments as Adolfo Urso is anticipated to play a significant role in the new Italian executive branch.

For Russia, none of this is positive news. It means that, due to Russia’s devastating war against Ukraine, Europe, and the entire West, all of their efforts and attempts to exert more influence on Italy are futile.

Source: Espreso

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