The Hague Tribunal: Orban’s Party Did Not Support Resolution on Putin’s Arrest

Viktor Orbán, the leader of the “Fidesz” political party in Hungary, opposed the motion calling for the detention of Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin in accordance with the terms of the warrant issued by the International Criminal Court. Agnes Vadai, the Democratic Coalition party’s deputy leader, made this statement during a news conference.

The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court has been ratified by the Hungarian government, but it has not yet been incorporated into domestic legislation.

According to the “Democratic Coalition” of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, the country’s current leader, is a puppet of Russian ruler Vladimir Putin and will never be detained on Hungarian soil.

“Orban is interested in Putin and profits, not the fate of Ukrainian children kidnapped by Russia. That is why Fidesz, although it talked about peace in the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs, rejected the resolution,” said Vadai.

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