The pro-Russian party holds an anti-government demonstration in Prague

On Sunday, April 16, the pro-Russian non-parliamentary party “Law, Respect, Professionalism” (PRO) held an anti-government protest in the Czech capital Prague.

Photo: People shout slogans as thousands of people gather to protest high inflation and to demand the government’s resignation in Prague, Czech Republic, Apr. 16, 2023. @AP

This was reported by Radio Prague International.

The non-parliamentary party “Law, Respect, Professionalism” (PRO – Právo Respekt Odbornost), headed by lawyer Jindře Reichl, was registered in 2022.

The demonstrators reportedly gathered in the city center. They brought Czech national flags and banners with anti-government slogans. In particular, they were against the current government under the leadership of Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala.

In fact, during the event, the demonstrators spread narratives identical to Russian propaganda for subversion in Europe such as “Down with NATO”, “No war” and “The government and media are liars”.

The demonstrators’ banners bore slogans such as “People should not be afraid of their government, and the government should be afraid of its people,” “General strike,” and “Give peace a chance.”

The leader of the PRO, lawyer Jindřich Rajchl, spoke during the demonstration with the slogan “Czech Republic against poverty”. He said that all the participants of the action were defending the Czech Republic. According to him, the anti-government demonstration should protest “not only against economic poverty but also against moral poverty.”

At the demonstration, Jindřich Rajchl also spoke out against the introduction of remote voting during elections and against the adoption of a law on same-sex marriage.

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