The US may deliver Ukraine Hawk air defense systems

To assist Ukraine in defending itself against Russian aggressive missile strikes, the United States is considering transferring Hawk air defense technology to the nation. The number of equipment units that can be delivered is not made public by the White House, Reuters reported.

The US has already provided the Ukrainian Armed Forces with Stinger missile systems, which are smaller and have a shorter range. The Hawk missile systems are an upgrade of those systems. The crucial point now is that the US is thinking about delivering Ukraine the Hawk air defense system.

It’s not specified how many Hawk systems Ukraine can get

The Biden administration will take advantage of the Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA) program, according to Reuters. In the event of an emergency, the PDA enables Washington to swiftly transfer defense supplies and services without the consent of Congress.

How many Hawk systems and missiles the United States can supply to Ukraine was unknown to observers. It should be emphasized that the White House opted not to respond.

The Patriot missile defense system, which is made by Raytheon Technologies and is the successor to the Hawk system, is not being evaluated for transfer to Ukraine, according to US officials.

MIM-23 Hawk is a medium-range anti-aircraft missile system used by the American military. The missile’s speed is Mach 2.4, and the range at which the target can be destroyed is up to 45 to 50 kilometers away. A semi-active homing head directs the missile toward its intended target.

Spain will send 4 Hawk systems to Ukraine

On October 13, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg declared that Spain would give Ukraine four Hawk systems.

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