The US will provide Ukraine with Black Hornet nano drones

In a new aid package worth about $400 million, Ukraine will receive a batch of tiny Black Hornet nano drones used for reconnaissance.

Source: AP, citing unnamed US officials.

Black Hornets are tiny nano drones used primarily for intelligence gathering. Ukraine has already received them from other Western allies.

In July, the Norwegian Ministry of Defence announced that it would provide Ukraine with 1,000 Black Hornet Nano drones. These tiny drones become the “eyes” of the army during tactical operations.

Tiny Norwegian drones have a length of 10 centimetres and a width of only 2.5 centimetres. Its weight is just 16 grams. Such a small size is an excellent advantage of the Black Hornet because it remains almost invisible to the enemy.

The micro-drone can fly at speeds of up to 5 metres per second. The total flight time is 25 minutes, and the distance is over 1 kilometre.

Reconnaissance is the primary task of the Black Hornet micro drones. Operators can use them to inspect enemy positions or “look behind” walls so that infantrymen can enter safely. So, Black Hornet Nano drones will help Ukrainian forces to advance step by step, liberating the Russian-occupied territories.

See a video review of the Black Hornet nano drones here:…

In addition, the package will include various types of munitions, including missiles for HIMARS systems, missiles for NASAMS air defence systems, and artillery ammunition.

The United States will also provide Javelin anti-tank missile systems and Stinger man-portable air defence systems.

The package will also include 32 Stryker armoured vehicles, demining equipment, Hydra-70 missiles, mortars and millions of rounds of small arms ammunition.

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