Turkish Stream in danger: Russia’s worrying declarations

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The Ukrainian infrastructure, civilian residences and people, are under Russia’s missile attacks. Since October 10, Ukraine has been the target of numerous large-scale bombardments. Russia has fired 83 missiles killing at least 10 people, and destroying critical infrastructure in Ukrainian cities. 

All these crimes are something that Russian president Vladimir Putin does not deny, and he also argues that his massive missile attacks on Ukraine were necessary “in reaction to terrorist activities from Ukraine.” “Ukraine tried to blow up the Turkish Stream,” he claims.

This declaration on the Turkish Stream threat is particularly worrying after the Nord Stream sabotage. Let’s see why.

Putin’s assertion of the threat to Turkish Stream

The Russian Security council was called by Putin right after Russia launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure. He claimed that Ukraine had destroyed the gas transfer infrastructure, namely he mentioned an “attempt to blow up a part of the Turkish Stream gas transport system.”

Russians also claimed that the Kursk nuclear power facility was the target of “three terrorist strikes” by Ukraine. The fact that the Kremlin chief underlines the material that concerns him is pretty interesting. 

The international community has condemned Russia for these crimes. The UN adopted a resolution on non-recognition of Russian occupation of the Ukrainian territories and asking Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukrainian soil.

It is becoming clear that the Russian president is currently trying to turn attention from strikes on Ukraine to a fictitious threat, or to plan a sabotage and a false flag attack. Putin’s accusations of threat from Ukraine came right after the massive strikes. The worst thing is that Russia continues to destroy civilian housing and civilian infrastructure.

This data leads up to an assumption about a possible plan for a false flag attack on the Turkish Stream. It seems to be a probable scenario in light of the Nord Stream disaster.

TurkStream is a natural gas pipeline running from Russia to Turkey. It starts from Russkaya compressor station near Anapa in Russia’s Krasnodar Region, crossing the Black Sea to the receiving Turkish terminal at Kıyıköy.

The TurkStream project replaced the South Stream project that was canceled in 2014. Following the shooting down of a Russian fighter jet by Turkey in November 2015, the project was temporarily halted.

Nord Stream and Nord Stream-2

Nord Stream and Nord Stream-2 Pipeline sabotage in the Baltic Sea, and the investigation into this incident revealed its criminal nature. Even US President Joe Biden declared the following in his speech to Americans on TV: “Let me be clear: this was sabotage done on purpose. And right now, lies and misinformation are being propagated by the Russians.”

According to a British defense source, a suspected Russian sabotage attack on the Nord Stream gas pipelines was “probably premeditated and planned for” using an underwater drone. The most likely scenario, according to the source, is that Russia secretly delivered an autonomous underwater vehicle with cargo to separate locations on pipelines built to transport Russian gas to Europe.

The Kremlin is concealing its attitude toward sabotage in the wake of all the crimes committed. Alexander Novak, the deputy prime minister of Russia, claimed that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline explosions wouldn’t affect Russia’s ability to sell gas to Europe. But only if “to remove the relevant restrictions” from the pipeline.

Of course, to completely cover his tracks, Putin asserts that Russia is not permitted to investigate the explosions at Nord Stream.

Russia’s hidden goals

It is clear that Russia is blackmailing and threatening to cut off European gas supplies using the “pipeline disaster”. Now, Moscow might leverage it as a pretext to pressure Europe on the Nord Stream 2 launch necessity.  

Russian supplies through Nord Stream 1, its main gas pipeline to Europe, have previously been reduced. Russia has argued that Western sanctions have made it more challenging to maintain the undersea pipeline in the Baltic Sea. It stopped all exports through Nord Stream 1 in September.

It appears absurd to accuse Ukraine of attempting to harm and destroy the Turkish Stream, especially knowing that the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines were sabotaged. 

Another gas pipeline sabotage in the south this time? Putin’s accusations and evil plans are all put together, and it is clear that this is how he diverts Europe’s attention from what he intends to do. He is also trying to turn attention from missile strikes on Ukraine to a fictitious threat. 

The accusations that Putin assembles for Ukraine are part of Moscow’s game that the entire world is already aware of.

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