Ukraine is in a “good position” for a counteroffensive – NATO Commander Cavoli

Ukraine is in a “good position” for a counteroffensive, NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe and Commander of the U.S. Forces in Europe Christopher Cavoli has said.

During a U.S. House Armed Services Committee hearing on April 26, General Christopher Cavoli assessed Ukraine’s preparations for an offensive.

Modeling shows good chances for Ukrainian Army – Gen. Cavoli

Notably, he noted, “According to the modeling that we did very carefully with them, the Ukrainians are in a good position. They have some weaknesses that I prefer not to talk about publicly,” he said. Still, Cavoli added that he is confident: the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to produce “a surprise”.”

The mathematical modeling used by the U.S. military is a very complex and time-consuming process in which many indicators are considered and analyzed. This approach helped Ukraine to accomplish a brilliant offensive in the Kupyansk area in the fall of 2022. It is also evidence of indirect U.S. assistance to Ukraine in the form of guidance based on the results of scientific playback of combat possibilities – the so-called “wargaming”.

Ukraine received 98% of promised weapons – Cavoli

Interestingly, during the report, Cavoli confirmed that 98% of the promised to Kyiv Western weapons for the counteroffensive are already in Ukraine. There is “absolute confidence” that all the necessary weapons will be delivered “on time.”

At the same time, Cavoli noted that Russian ground forces today are bigger than they were at the beginning of the invasion, despite the huge losses of 200,000 soldiers, of which 1,800 officers, previously reported.

In addition, the American general said that Russia has “additional resources,” such as “another 1,000 fighter jets and bombers.” As well as submarine forces, which the Russians have recently been using “more actively than we have seen in recent years.”

Regular phone consultations between Cavoli and Zaluzhny

General Cavoli conducts regular phone consultations with the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General Valery Zaluzhny, as reported on the telegram channel of the Ukrainian leader.

The parties deepen dialogue and interchange, mainly through the exchange of information. This approach makes it possible to assess the situation and draw the correct conclusions efficiently. The understanding of the Russians’ actions makes it possible to do all the incredible operations that the Ukrainian Army accomplishes on the battlefield.

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