Ukraine makes a request for accelerated membership in NATO

Ukraine is submitting an expedited application to join NATO today, September 30. This was shared by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a speech following the conclusion of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine meeting.

“De facto, we have reached NATO already. De facto, we have already established compliance with the Alliance’s requirements. They are actually for Ukraine, both on the field of battle and in all of our interactions. We rely on one another, support one another, and watch out for one another. The Alliance is centered around this. In reality. Ukraine is currently requesting to make it de jure. In a manner consistent with our commitment to safeguarding the entire community. in a timely manner. By signing Ukraine’s application for rapid membership in NATO, we are taking our most important move yet “said he.

Zelenskyy underlined that such a route is conceivable, citing Finland and Sweden as examples of nations who started their Alliance membership without a Membership Action Plan. He also said that it is fair.

“Also, it is just for Ukraine. This is the consolidation of our ideals and what we have previously completed in life at the level of the contract. We are aware that the Alliance’s entire membership must agree on this. We are aware that a consensus of this kind is required. In light of this, we suggest putting our suggestions for security guarantees for Ukraine and all of Europe into action in accordance with the Kyiv Security Compact we established and shared with our partners “said Zelenskyy.

Source: Espreso

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