Ukraine may receive F-16 fighter jets early next year – media

The Western nations may transfer F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine in early 2024, but the specific timing has yet to be determined.

Anticipated F-16 fighter jets delivery to Ukraine was reported by Politico. The journal notes that the question of which nations will provide Ukraine with the aircraft remains open.

The publication’s sources in defence circles said that the planes would likely be provided by the Netherlands and Denmark, which are leading a programme to train Ukrainian pilots.

At the same time, the sources added, this matter still needs to be resolved.

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Earlier, Politico reported that Romania is being considered a possible location for training Ukrainian pilots to fly F-16 fighter jets.

US defence manufacturer Lockheed Martin has said it stands ready to help Ukrainian pilots fly and maintain its F-16 fighter jets if NATO member states agree to send them to help the country against Russian aggression.

The Western nations discussed providing Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets at a meeting of the Contact Group on Ukraine’s Defence in Ramstein format last week.

It was reported that by July, Ukraine’s partners plan to approve a training programme for Ukrainian pilots, engineers and technicians to fly F-16s, with the training taking place in a specially created centre in a European country.

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