Ukraine scheduled blackouts after Russia destroyed energy infrastructure

Following Russian missile attacks on vital infrastructure in Ukraine on October 22, the manager of Kyiv’s electrical grid has announced a series of “stabilization” power cuts.

After missile strikes on energy facilities across Ukraine, more than a million homes were left without electricity.

Energy provider DTEK stated on its website that Ukrenegro, the country’s energy operator, had implemented the cuts in the capital to “prevent accidents.”

Households in Kyiv were sorted into three groups and will be “disconnected for a specified period of time” starting at 11.13am local time (09.30am BST), according to DTEK.

The power outages should only last “no more than four hours,” but they could last longer “depending on the extent of damage to the power supply system,” the statement reads.

People around the nation have been urged by President Zelenskiy to reduce their use of energy-intensive equipment and to be aware of their energy consumption. According to him, several districts that had lost power due to Russian attacks on electrical infrastructure on Saturday now have it back.

Over the course of the day, more than a dozen rockets struck buildings throughout Ukraine, resulting in widespread outages.

Zelenskiy noted in his nightly address that electricity had partially been restored to Odesa’s southern region as well as Khmelnytsky and Rivne’s western regions. He added, “There is also good news from other areas. But recovery efforts continue in numerous cities and regions. As quickly as we can, we want to give the people back control.”

He asked Ukrainians to reduce their usage of any devices that consume a lot of power and to use caution when using electricity.

Every Ukrainian city and district, according to Zelenskiy, “depends on the stability of the electricity industry in our entire state.”

“Even if the enemy can temporarily strip us of our strength, it will never succeed in stripping us of the will to right the wrong, fix the broken, and restore the normal.”

Russia attacked Ukraine with missiles and kamikaze drones, damaging crucial energy infrastructure and resulting in significant power disruptions.

According to the Ukrainian government, more than a dozen missiles struck locations around the nation, knocking out electricity for more than a million homes.

Zelenskiy declared that “these are heinous strikes on important facilities. The world must and can put an end to this terror.”

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