Ukrainian Air Force used JDAM bombs to strike Russian command center in Donetsk area

The Ukrainian Air Force used JDAM guided bombs to strike a Russian command center in Verkhnotoretske, Donetsk Region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported.

JDAM “smart” bombs struck a Russian command post of the Russian army’s 238th Independent Rifle Battalion, according to the report.

The published drone footage shows two JDAM-ER guided bombs destroying the Russian Armed Forces command post in Verkhnetoretske. As a result of the powerful strike, nothing remains of the building where the occupiers were located.

Another video was posted online, showing the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroying a base with occupation personnel. It was clear from the site of the strike that two floors of the building were destroyed.

The Ukrainian Air Force uses high-precision guided bombs JDAM to hit crucial enemy military targets, Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat stated.

“Our partners provide us with JDAM bombs. These are Western-made bombs that have been adapted to our aircraft. Our UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles – Ed.) fly exactly on target. These are guided bombs, high-precision weapons that hit exactly where our military aims. And no civilians are killed in this way,” Ihnat said.

According to him, the Russians, in turn, carry out many strikes with guided aerial bombs weighing 500 kilograms, and very often, they hit residential areas.

JDAM is a GPS-guided device that converts standard air bombs into high-precision bombs. The JDAM bomb follows the set coordinates.

Ukrainian planes MIG-29, Su-27, Su-25 and Su-24 were adapted to JDAM. The maximum range of engagement is up to 90 km.

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