Ukrainian Army liberated Kherson, Russian troops fled

The Ukrainian flag has been hoisted in Kherson’s city center. Russian troops had fled the regional center, and the Ukrainian military entered it.

On social media platforms users from Kherson have already posted images and videos of Ukrainian soldiers walking the streets of Kherson.

The entry of the Ukrainian Armed Forces into Kherson was confirmed by the country’s defense intelligence. Ukraine reclaims full control of the city.

Happy residents of Kherson greet the Ukrainian military

Residents of Kherson lined the streets with Ukrainian flags as they awaited the arrival of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

People are meeting the Armed Forces near the Kherson Regional Administration. They take selfies with Ukrainian soldiers while hugging them and chanting “Armed Forces of Ukraine.” Blue and yellow flags are flying freely on the square where Russian invaders used machine gunfire to disrupt pro-Ukrainian rallies in the spring.

At the same time, Ukrainian forces have complete control over the firing on the routes taken by the occupants to flee the right bank of the Kherson region. Therefore, those occupants who remained in Kherson may surrender.

Ukrainian military recapture settlements in the Kherson region

There are also reports that the Ukrainian military recapture other settlements of the Kherson region on the right bank of the Dnipro without a fight. “Russia is here forever” posters are being taken down by locals.

In the initial days following the full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February and March, Russian troops occupied Kherson and the majority of the Kherson region.

In September, Russia announced the annexation (de facto annexation) of territories of the region, which is not recognized by the vast majority of UN countries and Ukraine.

On November 11, Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin, stated that Russia still views the Kherson area of Ukraine as its territory. And now Russian control over Kherson collapsed, their soldiers fled from the city.

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