Ukrainian Army struck Chongar Bridge with French-made missiles

Ukrainian Armed Forces struck the Chongar Bridge, which connects mainland Ukraine and Russia-occupied Crimea. Four missiles partially destroyed the bridge.

The occupation authorities complained that French-made missiles were used in the attack, and Russian propaganda media showed the remnants of what they say French-made missiles.

The road through Chongar, which was struck by the Ukrainian defence forces, was the most convenient for the Russian invaders to transfer military equipment and manpower to the Zaporizhzhia region, the South of Ukraine. In precisely these areas, the Ukrainian Defence Forces are conducting offensive operations.

“The strike on the Chongar bridge will result in adjustments in transport links between Kherson Region and Crimea but will have no impact on the course of the special military operation (the term Russians use to refer to the all-out war against Ukraine – ed.)”, said Volodymyr Saldo, a collaborator and gauleiter of the Russian-occupied districts of the Kherson Region.

In addition to the Chongar Bridge, the old Syvash Bridge, located nearby and connecting the Kherson region with Crimea, was struck.

A representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Andriy Yusov commented on the Chongar Bridge strike, saying that strikes will continue to happen.

“The work is ongoing and will continue. This is the systematic work of the Security and Defence Forces, the Resistance Movement, and the local population, which is waiting for the return of the legitimate Ukrainian authorities in these territories. We can only comment on what will happen next”, – said the representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine in an interview with the Channel 24.

At the same time, Ukraine’s armed forces struck at the locations of Russian troops, including the Troianda tourist base in the village of Azovske, Berdiansk district, where the invaders had set up a base.

The Ukrainian defence forces are developing counter-offensives towards the towns of Berdiansk and Melitopol. The destruction of Russian ammunition depots and military bases cuts off their supply routes.

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