Ukrainian confectioner relocates production for second time due to Russian war

Donetsk Confectioner evacuates and relocates production for second time due to Russian war

After Russian Federation launched an all-out war against Ukraine, Serhiy Pyvovar from Donetsk became, for the second time, an internally displaced person and evacuated his company, “Sweet Imagination”, to Lviv, in the West of Ukraine.

Evacuation from Donetsk to Pokrovsk and now to Lviv

Initially, Pyvovar’s company operated in Donetsk. There, he was working in the distribution of confectionery. When the war in Donbas started, and Russian and pro-Russian forces captured Donetsk, he moved to Pokrovsk, still in the Donetsk region; in 2014, he set up the production of the “Real Bakery”.

The mixture was simple: various types of biscuits, cakes, muffins, cakes, and waffles. After the business relocation, only a few items remained: cookies, muffins and Belgian waffles. However, the company plans to restore its facilities.

Pokrovsk is now close to the frontline, and Russian troops shelled the town many times. It has become insecure. The company decided to relocate to Lviv under the state relocation programme. The transportation cost UAH 50,000. The company received assistance from the state administration, which covered the rent of the premises. The Svoi media reported a story about the company’s relocation to Lviv.

The company employs three people – Serhii, his assistant Ihor and a displaced woman from Kherson. They want to expand the team to 10 people.

The business fulfils quite large orders, including 150 kilograms of muffins for a wholesaler. The entrepreneur is not afraid of the high competition in Lviv because he knows what distinguishes “Sweet Imagination” from similar companies.

Sweets made from craft beer

The shop makes sweets from dark craft beer. “We are in contact with local bars to sell these sweets in their establishments,” says the owner.

The sweets are made from Ukrainian craft beer. Serhii hopes that his invention will be appreciated and that they will be able to start working with the bars.

The Ukrainian people are showing that, despite Russia’s war aggression, they are determined to continue living, creating and building a better future.

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