Ukrainian intelligence disassembled and examined a downed Iranian drone

Ukrainian intelligence reported that it has disassembled a downed Iranian drone “Mohajer-6” and now is ready to send it back to the Russian invaders.

The Iranian-made drones used by Russians help the Ukrainian military identify the weaknesses of this equipment and shot them down even more effectively. During the research, Ukrainian military also discover the origin of the parts used to create this deadly drone. Especially, they say, intact samples help in this matter.

“When we get a whole sample that can be disassembled and see how one system works with the other, it is much better than when we have fragments,” a representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine said to TSN.

“Mohajer-6″, which was shot down in September, was disassembled literally to the last screw. It was manufactured in February this year, it is possible that it was one of its first flights. What immediately caught my eye was how the Iranian manufacturer hid all traces of who made this aircraft. The manufacturer’s inscriptions were in English with grammatical errors. Only on one device we found an inscription in Farsi, made by hand, which they simply did not notice, on the reverse side of the board,” the intelligence officer added.

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