Ukrainian President ready for elections even in wartime 

Responding to a US senator’s asking this week for elections in 2024, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that an election might take place during the war in Ukraine if partners shared the expense, legislators consented, and everyone went to the polls.

Elections cannot currently be held in Ukraine due to martial law, which must be renewed every 90 days and is set to expire on November 15, beyond the standard time frame for the parliamentary election in October but before the presidential election in March 2024.

US’ potential support in Ukraine’s presidential elections 

On August 23, top American politicians visited Kyiv, including Senator Lindsey Graham, who praised Kyiv’s fight against Russian dictator Putin but said the country needed to show it was different by conducting elections during the war.

In a television interview with the 1+1 Channel, Zelenskyy claimed he discussed the topic with Graham, including funding and the necessity to revise the law. Zelenskyy’s official website published the interview.

What assistance does Ukraine need in case of elections?

Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Ukraine will also require assistance to ensure greater voting access for millions of Ukrainians living abroad, particularly from the European Union.

Graham, a Republican, told reporters during a briefing with Democratic Senators Richard Blumenthal and Elizabeth Warren that they would fight to keep weapons coming to Ukraine “so you can win a war that we can’t afford to lose.”

According to Zelenskyy, election observers would have to go into the trenches, and the Ukrainian military opposing Russia’s invasion must also have a right to vote. 

“They are defending democracy today, and to deny them this opportunity because of war is unjust.” I was only opposed to the elections because of this”, – said the Ukrainian President.

Ensuring the voting in the trenches and the war zone is another challenge, where the Ukrainian President asked Western partners for assistance.

photo: Ukrainian President’s official website.

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