US and France to provide Ukraine with air defense systems

Presidents of the United States Joe Biden and France, Emmanuel Macron, continue to support Ukraine. During a meeting in Washington, they discussed another assistance for our country.

Source: White House official Twitter.

Biden and Macron promised to provide Ukraine with air defense systems

In particular, Biden and Macron promise to provide Ukraine with air defense systems to repel Russian missile attacks on cities and equipment necessary to repair the energy grid. They stated this during a meeting in Washington.

Washington and Paris condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The Presidents condemned Russia’s bloody war against Ukraine and the shelling of civilians and civilian infrastructure. The leaders of world powers stressed that these actions are war crimes, the perpetrators of which must be brought to justice.

Biden and Macron also condemned Russia’s illegal attempt to annex sovereign Ukrainian territory, violating international law.

The United States and France reaffirm their unwavering support for the defense of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, including providing Kyiv with political, security, humanitarian, and economic assistance for as long as it needs.

This includes the provision of significant resources to support the resilience of the Ukrainian civilian population during the winter, including reinforced supplies of air defense systems and equipment needed to repair Ukraine’s energy grid, – the statement reads.

The US and France promise and hope to help Ukraine

The United States and France plan to continue working with partners and allies to coordinate assistance efforts, including at an international conference in Paris on December 13, 2022.

It is noted that both countries will continue to provide direct solid budget support to Ukraine and will call on international financial institutions to increase their financial support.

Biden and Macron expressed their unwavering determination to hold Russia accountable for documented brutality and war crimes committed by its regular armed forces and proxies, including mercenaries such as the Wagner PMC and others, through the support of international accountability mechanisms.

The United States and France also intend to help Ukraine overcome the consequences of the war.

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