US Congress to review a resolution calling to expel Russia from UN Security Council

The US Congress will review a draft resolution proposing to expel Russia from the UN Security Council since it violates the fundamental principles of the organization.

This was announced by the resolution’s co-author, Republican Steve Cohen.

“Russia has repeatedly, deliberately, and brazenly violated the UN Charter. So today, Joe Wilson and I introduced a bipartisan resolution calling for the removal of Russia from the UN Security Council,” Cohen said on Twitter.

The members of Congress propose recognizing that Russia’s behavior violates the fundamental principles of the United Nations, citing as arguments the Kremlin’s intentions to destroy Ukraine as a state.

The document recalls the crimes of the Russian military in Bucha, the illegal annexation of the occupied territories of Ukraine, nuclear threats, threats to food security, and Moscow’s attempts to make Ukraine itself the culprit of humanitarian problems due to the war.

The resolution calls on US President Joe Biden to order the State Department and other federal agencies to discuss with allies the possibility of “limiting, suspending or revoking the rights and privileges that Russia has in the UN Security Council.”

In early December, Ukraine officially questioned the legitimacy of Russia’s membership in the UN for the first time. The Ukrainian parliament, Verkhovna Rada, supported the statement on the illegitimacy of the Russian Federation’s membership in the United Nations and called for its revoke.

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