US President Joe Biden arrives in Kyiv

US President Joe Biden arrived in Kyiv on 20 February for an unannounced visit.

For his part, Biden emphasized the importance of his presence in Ukraine today, which demonstrates the US support for the independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state.

“I think it would be critical to leave no doubt that the United States supports Ukraine in its war against brutal aggression,” the US leader said.

At the briefing, the US President also announced a new package of military assistance to Ukraine worth $500 million. It will include ammunition and air defense equipment.

“The package announced today includes ammunition for HIMARS and howitzers, more Javelins, anti-tank systems, air surveillance systems to protect the Ukrainian people from bombing,” Biden said.

He also recalled the commitment to supply weapons to Ukraine: more than 700 tanks, thousands of armored vehicles, a thousand artillery systems, more than 2 million artillery rounds, etc.

“Later this week, we will announce additional sanctions against elites and companies that try to evade or fill the Russian military machine,” the US president added.

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