US to send Ukraine a new $400 million military aid package

The United States plans to announce a separate military aid package for Ukraine worth about $400 million.

CNN reports this citing two American officials. According to the TV channel, the new aid package will include additional ammunition for the NASAMS and Patriot air defence systems and shells for the HIMARS missile systems.

A new aid package will also include more artillery ammunition, which officials warn the Ukrainian armed forces are running out of amid counteroffensive operations.

The package will include Javelin anti-tank missile systems and TOW anti-tank guided missiles.

According to the officials, the package still needs to be finalized and may be subject to changes. Its allocation may be announced as early as this week.

The US Department of Defense announced a new military aid package for Ukraine, totalling $1.3 billion.

The United States announced the previous package of military aid to Ukraine worth $800 million on July 7. It included cluster munitions for the first time.

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