USSR revival plan? Why is Putin going to Belarus?

Putin will visit Belarus on December 19. The Russian president might officially announce the “annexation” of Belarus, or a union state, like USSR, can probably be proclaimed during his visit, political scientists suggest.

Putin will meet with Lukashenko

Russian President Vladimir Putin will arrive in Belarus on December 19. During his visit, he will meet with Alexander Lukashenko.

It is evident that Putin does not need support because Russia already feels free in Belarus; its troops can freely station themselves over the entire territory and strike at Ukraine.

Putin would not refuse military aid, but the symbolism of the trip on December 19 is different. One hundred years ago, on December 22, the Soviet Union was created. For the sake of its restoration, Putin planned a war against Ukraine.

Putin and Lukashenko will likely sign a specific document on creating a union state or announce that they are restoring the Soviet Union. Moscow and Minsk have an agreement on a union state, but they will try to take it to a new level to present it as an achievement or a victory.

Putin is going to annex Belarus

Political scientists note that Putin has traveled to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan; that is, he is not afraid to travel to countries friendly to him and is ready to go to Belarus. There is an opinion that Lukashenko refused to go to Moscow, but another option exists. Putin in Belarus, in Minsk, wants to show that he is the winner, that he “annexed” Belarus.

Probably, Putin will not announce that this is an annexation, that Belarus is part of Russia, but instead will declare that it is a single state. In terms of media, it is vital for Putin’s internal propaganda.

However, the state of affairs at the front in the war with Ukraine will remain the same for the Russian occupiers. After retreating from Kherson, Russian troops focused on capturing Bakhmut in Donbas.

However, despite the mobilization in Russia and large forces to attack Bakhmut, the occupiers did not capture the town. The Armed Forces fought back and inflicted losses on the Russian troops.


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