War in Ukraine: Russia is suspending grain deal


On Saturday, October 29, Kremlin authorities announced that Russia suspended its participation in a grain export deal from Ukraine. This came after Russia had accused Ukraine of a “massive” drone attack on Sevastopol, Crimea.

This statement was made by the Russian Ministry of Defense. As they claimed, “Ukraine attacked the ships of the Black Sea Fleet using UAVs”, and as the result of this attack, according to the Russians, the minesweeper “Ivan Golubets” was damaged. “Now, Russia can not ensure the safety of the sea corridor and therefore closes it unilaterally”, Russia added.

Moscow blamed Great Britain

Without providing evidence, Russia also accused British forces of being involved in the attack on Sevastopol. Along with this, they also blamed Britain for blowing up Nord Stream gas pipelines last month.

London immediately responded. “To divert attention from its failures in the illegal invasion of Ukraine, the Russian defense ministry has resorted to spreading falsehoods on an unbelievable scale,” the British defense ministry said. “This made-up story says more about the controversy going on in the Russian government than it does about the West.”  

Zelensky’s response to Russia’s accusations

Almost immediately, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said that Russia’s decision was not made today, but in September, “when it blocked the movement of ships carrying Ukrainian grain.”

“Why can a group of individuals in the Kremlin decide whether food will be on people’s tables in Egypt or Bangladesh?” Zelensky stressed.

The Ukrainian President also said that a strong international response is needed from the United Nations and G-20, the world’s twenty largest economies.

“Russia’s plan was always to destroy the Black Sea Grain Initiative. Now Moscow is blocking a grain corridor that provides food security for millions of people under false pretenses”.

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