“World in ashes, holy war, end of the world” – Russian propagandist Solovyov went crazy

“We live in the era of the last days. What is happening in Ukraine will not remain only in Ukraine. There is a holy war.” “Either we will win, or the whole world will be [burnt] in ashes” – the leading propagandist of Russian state television Vladimir Solovyov made such statements in his live TV show.

Solovyov talks about the end of the world and the holy war

After the defeats on the frontline in Ukraine, the adoption of new EU sanctions against Russia, and the inability of the Kremlin to achieve at least some success in its senseless war, the Russian television host Solovyov resorted to threatening the humanity with the end of the world.

Latest Solovyov’s TV show translated in English:

The chief TV propagandist of the Putin’s regime called US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky unworthy characters. He also praised former US President Donald Trump and said he was unwanted because he supported traditionalism.

The Russian TV anchor claims that Satanists oppose the Russian Federation and that there can be no negotiations with Satan in Russia.

Solovyov called Macron a demon

Putin’s chief television propagandist also did not forget to mention French President Emmanuel Macron. Solovyov called Macron ‘a demon and a liar’. He also convinces the viewers, brainwashed by his propaganda, that the whole West is satanic and deceitful.

Solovyov, who spreads Kremlin propaganda and lies, claims that the West lies and that the words of Western leaders cannot be trusted.

Russian propaganda demands victory in the war front and refuses to negotiate

A propagandist on Russian state television stresses that negotiations are impossible and that Russia needs a victory on the front.

The Russian propaganda calls to influence believers in the West and convince them that Russia is waging a holy war and is fighting to preserve Christianity.

Solovyov doesn’t like that Russian invaders are called orcs

Solovyov was also outraged that in Ukraine, the Russian occupiers are called orcs, and the Russian Federation is called Mordor. As can be seen from the consequences of the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, not without reason, given the scale of destruction and hundreds of thousands of deaths that the invasion of Russian occupiers brought to Ukraine.

Russian propaganda speaks out against peace talks

Solovyov stressed that Russia should not negotiate but fight until victory at the front. He also repeatedly emphasized the concepts of fatalism and the world’s end.

These are the leading narratives of the Kremlin – no negotiations, war until victory, until the end of the world.

In this way, Moscow is trying to attract religious fanatics who do not adhere to the theory of the near end of the world in Western countries to sow strife and create destabilization. With fatalistic statements, the propagandist is also trying to motivate Russians who are dissatisfied with the mobilization and do not want to go to Ukraine and die for Putin and the manic and schizophrenic ideas of the sick dictator to go to war.

In any case, the rhetoric of state propaganda media in Russia suggests there is no point in negotiating with Moscow or taking it at its word. No matter how much Macron declares the need for security guarantees for Russia and Putin, the French president will remain a devil and a liar for the Kremlin media.

Rhetoric about the end of the world and nuclear ashes – a threat to the humanity

With its bellicose and fatalistic rhetoric and threats to bring about the end of the world and leave the whole world in ashes, Russia once again proves that it poses a critical danger to the world. 

Western states and international organizations should consider the rhetoric of official Russian propaganda before any negotiations with the Kremlin and decision-making. The only way to save the situation is to expel Moscow from all international organizations, especially from the Security Council, and to impose maximum sanctions and ensure complete isolation of Russia.

Isolation and economic blockade of Russia are the only way to achieve an implosion in Russia and the disintegration of the federation to a state in which it will no longer be able to harm either Ukraine or any other country in the world.

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